Monday, May 9, 2011

Helix tour kicks off soon!

Here's the full extent, really glad to have an old bud Zach Cale along for the fun. See you folks in the heartland...

May 12 2011 The Velvet Lounge w/ Zachary Cale, Borborites Washington, D.C.

May 13 2011 Howlers w/ Zachary Cale, Secret Tombs Pittsburgh, PA

May 14 2011 Jackfest at Oberlin College Oberlin, OH

May 15 2011 Frank's Power Plant w/ Zachary Cale Milwaukee, WI

May 16 2011 Monks Caffee Pub w/ Zachary Cale Dubuque, IA

May 17 2011 Medusa w/ Zachary Cale, Paul Metzger Minneapolis, MN

May 18 2011 White Lightning Warehouse w/ Zachary Cale, Douglas Nye Iowa City, IA

May 19 2011 Empty Bottle w/ Zachary Cale, blink, Helen Money Chicago, IL

May 20 2011 PJ's Lager House w/ Zachary Cale Detroit, MI

May 21 2011 The Summit w/ Zachary Cale, Shivering Timbers, Royal Pines Columbus, OH

May 22 2011 Betty's Grill w/ Zachary Cale, William Tyler Nashville, TN

May 23 2011 Nightlight w/ Zachary Cale Chapel Hill, NC

May 24 2011 The Cellar w/ Zachary Cale, Black Twig Pickers Blacksburg, VA

May 25 2011 Golden West Cafe w/ Zachary Cale Baltimore, MD

May 27 2011 Highwire Gallery w/ Zachary Cale, Boogie Witch Philadelphia, PA

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